Steve Kingdon @ Powderham Sawmills

Garden Furniture

In every garden whether it's the largest estate or the smallest courtyard there has to be a place where you can sit and look at the work you have achieved and think about the beauty or hard work to come.

Maybe have a read of a thrilling book, a cup of tea or even a relaxing glass of wine with friends.


Any seating area whether it's a bench in a shady corner, a seat on a sunny patio or a picnic bench by the BBQ becomes a focal point in the gardens design.


Whatever you require our skilled craftsmen can create your choice of style.

All seats are made from  quality redwood timber and picnic tables/seats are made from locally grown timber(Douglas or Larch).


All products are made here at the Sawmill under control of Powderham Sawmills senior personnel.

We are a family run firm with over 20 years experience in timber and bespoke manufacturing of high quality products.

We pride ourselves on our quality, friendly service and after care.

Steve Kingdon @ Powderham Sawmills Kenton, Exeter, EX6 8JS, 01626 891513

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